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14/10/18 - Big price reductions
on all catarafts till further notice! First come, first serve till +/- 10 Cats have been sold. See here

20/09/18 - New review on the TourCat-2 added

29/07/18 - New kayak Series added
Alpha-Z range of boats with stiff drop stich floors - Inflatable Kayaks page

11/05/18 - Demo stock sale
Some demo boats now available for sale. Once gone, its gone! Listed in Sales page

08/04/18 - Demo Cats at LV Our fleet of demo cats are currently with LV PaddleSports, Team GB Masters raft team / Square Rock team - for training and practice on some club training nights at Lee Valley. See them in action there - check with us first before going there

20/06/17 - Photos of the Expedition version of the inflatable WW river runner kayak ZelGear The ONE - with inflatable storage compartments in bow and stern. Photos

10/06/17 - Cats and inflatable kayaks available for try outs - ZelGear 'The ONE' inflatable kayak, ZelGear TourCat-2 Mini, ZelGear VectoR-2 and ZelGear SportCat-4 catamaran rafts

26/05/17 - Our demo / try-out TourCat-2 MINI has arrived! Some photos here

12/02/17 - New addition to the inflatable kayak range - ZelGear "The ONE". A white water single seater kayak that packs into a backpack. A demo is available for try-outs now. Some photos here

Enquiries & Ordering
When you would like to order, write to us and we will provide up to date quotes. We will also send you an invoice with relevant payment details etc. Or if you need advice etc, we are more than happy to help with your queries.

ZelGear products are all made in Europe, using European made materials and high grade German made PVC welding machines.

5 year warranty on all ZelGear products

Looking for something?
If you are looking for something that is not listed on our website please give us a call or email us.

Important Notice
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid license / permission from the relevant authorities to use water craft on UK's waterways, rivers, lakes, etc. Not all inland water is open to paddlers, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. Membership of a canoe union / club is very beneficial.



News page

Recent events or articles of interest

22/04/18 - Demo TourCat-6 cataraft will be available for try-outs from the end of May 2018
20/04/18 - Recent club and private purchase of catarafts
08/04/18 - ZelGear new prototype whitewater inflatable kayak based on the existing ONE
17/03/18 - ZelGear Cats at Hurley Classic 2018
20/09/17 - Death of Emma Kelty during solo source-to-sea attempt on the Amazon River
15/06/17 - ZelGear International sponsored ZelGear ONE Expedition kayak in the Source to Sea Amazon River expedition
12/02/17 - New inflatable WW kayak added - ZelGear ONE (previously called "Slivika")
15/01/17 - Polyurethane version catarafts
10/01/17 - A customer review on the SportCat-2 has been posted - See Review page
05/01/17 - A new improved version of the 2 seater SportCat-2 called the VectoR-2 is coming soon
15/12/16 - Management change - creation of separate Neris and ZelGear lines / brands
31/08/16 - Try-out of a SportCat-4 cataraft at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, North London
14/08/16 - Try-out of a SportCat-4 cataraft at the National Water Sports Centre (Holme PierrePont / HPP), Nottingham
06/06/16 - First public showing of Neris ZelGear products - Beale Park Boat Show

22/04/18 - Demo TourCat-6 cataraft will be available for try-outs
A demo TourCat-6 will be available for try-outs from the end of May 2018. Anyone wishing to reserve this and any other demo Cats in our fleet, do contact us ASAP. Demo try-out fleet includes TourCat-2 Mini, TourCat-2, TourCat-6, and VectoR-2.

TourCat cataraft rafts
TourCat family - left to right - TourCat-2 Mini, TourCat-2, TourCat-6

20/04/18 - Club and private purchases of catarafts
Two blue TourCat-2's and two red TourCat-2 Mini's have been purchased by the Lee Valley Paddlesports Club and by individuals who are also members of this club. If you are keen to learn rafting and practice on Cats, then do join the very friendly and helpful rafting section of the LVPC - they have their club nights on Wednesdays all year round at the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre!

08/04/18 - New ZelGear prototype whitewater kayak tested on Mazunka River, eastern Ukraine
ZelGear has been very busy developing and producing new model inflatable kayaks over the last 6-8 months. One of them is a new model variant based on the existing ZelGear ONE whitewater river running inflatable kayak. Here are some photos of the prototype nameless kayak, of which we will call "ONE II" for now, being tried out during the recent Carpathian Rally on the Mazunka River, eastern Ukraine. This new version (blue) is more rigid and quicker than the ONE (red). Three different sizes will be available catering for different weights / heights, with one being ready during summer and the rest later in Autumn.
Prototype whitewater inflatable kayak Prototype whitewater inflatable kayak
Prototype whitewater inflatable kayak Prototype whitewater inflatable kayak

17/03/18 - ZelGear Cats at Hurley Classic 2018
SquareRock in conjunction with LV PaddleSports club and Team GB Masters rafting team introduced and demoed ZelGear Cats at the Hurley Classic. The freezing weather played havoc with the event but great fun was still to had.

20/09/17 - Death of Emma Kelty during solo source-to-sea attempt on the Amazon River
Sadly Emma was murdered by "River Rats" in the upper reaches of the flat water section of the Amazon River. She had successfully completed the white water section, starting at the very source in Peru using a ZelGear ONE ww inflatable kayak for the steeper rapids and a plastic Nomad ww kayak for the flatter rapids. At the start of the flat water section of the Amazon, Emma switched to a touring type NERIS Valkure-2 folding kayak for the rest of the 4000 mile journey. After 42 days and about 1000 miles, she was attacked whilst at overnight camp on an island by a group of young men. We were directly involved with Emma's search for and the supply of two of the foldable kayaks used for this expedition.

Here is a link to a well written article by Jeff Moag about Emma, the people she consulted with, the journey, and the aftermath.

15/06/17 - ZelGear "ONE" Expedition WW kayak sponsored by ZelGear UA
UK based Emma Tamsin Kelty is attempting a solo Source to Sea Amazon River trip, using a specially made and sponsored ZelGear ONE Expedition white water river running kayak during the 1st stage 1000 mile section. At the bottom of the whitewater section, she will be switching over to a NERIS Valkure-2 folding touring kayak for the rest of journey to the sea (4000 miles). At certain parts of the whitewater section where the water is very shallow, she uses a backup plastic ww kayak. Follow Emma's journey via her blog at https://share.garmin.com/EmmaKelty

The start - At the headwaters deep in the high mountains in Peru
20 June 2017

Rio Maranon - one of the main tributaries feeding into the Amazon River
Day 10/11


12/02/17 - New inflatable kayak added to the ZelGear range - ZelGear ONE
A self bailing whitewater inflatable kayak with a drop-stitch "AirBoard" floor. One of the first whitewater inflatable on the market that has a thick drop-stitch floor that creates a hardshell like stiffness and shape in an all-inflatable package, yet be able to ride it dry on flat water. Drop-stitch is the same sort of stuff used to make the very rigid and stiff stand-up paddle-ski boards.

15/01/17 - Polyurethane (PU) versions of all ZelGear cataraft models will be available to order in 2018. Stronger, tougher and between 20-50% lighter than the current PVC versions while costing only about 20-30% more. Ideal for heavy duty use. Do let us know if you are interested. Initial colour scheme - black hulls with red upper decks.
First polyurethane prototype version ZelGear TourCat-4 being tested - Sept 2016
More photos - click here

10/01/17 - Customer review on the ZelGear SportCat-2 cataraft
See Reviews page

ZelGear SportCat-2 BeaveR-2

05/01/17 - New version kneeling two seater Cataraft - VectoR-2 coming late Spring 2017
An improved variant based on the popular SportCat-2 with a lower positioned kneeling seat drop stitch platform and re-designed kneeling straps and saddle seats. The shape of the main flotation tubes at the front has also been refined (larger diameter just in front of the kneeling seats) creating more buoyancy, which produces quick recoveries when the bows gets submerged in extreme white water. Footrest design has been improved too. Also there is additional seats to sit on for when you do not want to kneel (EG taking a break). More details coming soon. VectoR-2 Subscribers will qualify for special introductory price!
More photos here
ZelGear VectoR-2 cataraft

15/12/16 - Management re-organisation at the NERIS ZelGear factory

Two business sections have been created, each to focus specifically on the respective core businesses - NERIS on folding kayaks, and ZelGear on inflatable watercrafts (Inflatable kayaks/canoes and catarafts). For ease of marketing in the UK, we have decided to split the existing NERIS Watersports UK site into two respective brands as well.

31/08/16 - Try-out of the SportCat-4 cataraft by raft guides at the Lee Valley White Water Centre
LV Raft guides had an opportunity to have a play on a NERIS SportCat-4, on the London 2012 Olympic Legacy white water course.
Detailed photos
NERIS SportCat-4 cataraft (OtteR-4) at  Lee Valley NERIS SportCat-4 cataraft (OtteR-4) at  Lee Valley

14/08/16 - Try-out of the SportCat-4 cataraft by raft guides at the National Water Sports Centre (Holme PierrePont / HPP), Nottingham
Raft guides at HPP had an opportunity to have a play on a SportCat-4 on the HPP white water course - verdict "It's awesome!".
Detailed photos
NERIS SportCat-4 cataraft (OtteR-4) at Nottingham White Water Centre NERIS SportCat-4 cataraft (OtteR-4) at Nottingham White Water Centre

06/06/16 - NERIS ZELGEAR Water Sports UK had their first public showing at the Beale Park Boat show
- 3rd-5th June 2016
A few boats were presented in the UK at a public event for the very first time, although NERIS kayaks have been sold previously to UK based clients as early as 2014.

On an ongoing basis, ZelGear innovates and improves all products. IE product descriptions (text / photos) on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

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